Hand & Finger Infections

What does a hand or finger infection mean?

Hand and finger infections are relatively common. They can occur from animal/insect bites, or even minor trauma in those with medical conditions such as diabetes. This is caused from bacteria entering from the outside environment and causing infection in deeper tissues beneath the skin.


Common Symptoms:

Hand or finger infections usually present with redness, stiffness, swelling and pain, particularly with joint function. Constitutional symptoms such as fever and chills usually indicate concerning progression of the infection.



It is critical to treat these infections early and in a timely manner to prevent permanent damage and contracture (stiffness) or progression of the infection up the extremity. Sometimes early infections are treated with antibiotics alone, but most times proper treatment requires a combination of antibiotics with surgical drainage.

If you would like more information on finger and hand infections, we invite you to review an educational website endorsed by the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons.